Nicky. C

Hi – Thanks for visiting my blog!

I am a British citizen having lived in France for about 15 years. Recently I moved to Geneva to pursue my career objectives.

I followed French education up until my 20s, completing my A-Levels (baccalauréat) and a university degree later on. My studies have always been business oriented.

When I obtained my Tefl certificate after uni i set out to give English and French lessons where I was living in France. Soon after, I decided to take this further and moved to Geneva to work for my current employer, giving Business English and French lessons to multinationals all throughout the canton of Gva.

And that takes to me where I am now! 🙂

I have always enjoyed travelling and have this constant urge to discover more and go further. In my 1st year of university I set up a project with two other colleagues to do 2 months of volunteer work in Costa Rica on a national park. I didn’t realise at the time, but this was a big turning point for me.

Travelling is my thing. And after this 1st experience, I found myself flying across the world to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore to fulfull my dreams.

This therefore explains my travel blog as I simply wish to be able to share what I love most!

Travelling, fitness and healthy eating lover; this blog is to share my passions with you and the tips and advice i may have!

I hope you enjoy!

Feel free to leave comments or ask questons, and don’t forget to click that little button called “follow”! 🙂