Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary – Ubud, Bali.

Monkey Forest is one of the top attractions in Ubud and is located right in the city center. Hold on to your belongings!

To be honest, I was a little hesistant at first as to whether we should visit or not. We walked past it on our first day and said we must definitely do that. Looked it up on tripadvisor just to check it out and found some rather mixed comments. From fantastic to no go!

On the one hand there were comments from people being bitten, scratched and attacked, and then on the other hand we had those saying it was a great and fun day out!

Only one way to go about it: see for ourselves!

Entrance to the park

Entrance fee costs 50k per person (approx 3€/pers), there are no other costs other than a taxi maybe to or from the park. It’s town center though so easy to get to by foot if your hotel isn’t too far and rather easy to find…monkeys will be everywhere!

At the entrance of the park lots of monkeys will be roaming around freely. Most are simply walking or sitting, but some can be a little more curious and try to snatch your bottle of water or food…

Sandals are fine to walk around the park and clothing may depend on seasons, from hot to cool.


Time spent in the park will vary according to people, we did just under an hour’s walk and that was enough for us.

There are some stalls inside to buy souvenirs or clothing and others selling bananas to feed the monkeys. We did not buy these but saw plenty of people doing so.

Feeding them can be fun but allow me to remind you that they are wild animals living and being fed by tourists on a daily basis. They expect the food so if you do not have any, avoid putting your hands near your bag or pockets as they may think you’re getting something out for them. When they realise that you aren’t, well it can be like kids not getting their way… Some monkeys may also climb up your leg or jump on your shoulder sto check you out for food or things they could take!

When this happens, first reaction is to laugh (nervously) and i must admit it’s always funny to have one on you (or maybe not for some…). However, even if you’re a little scared and/or they’re trying to go through your bag, refrain from trying to get rid of them with your hands as that’s when they will try to bite you. Just start walking and usually they will jump off.


It is said that there are more than 600 monkeys living within the park, living in about 6 different territories. There will often be fights and screaming between groups of monkeys defending their turfs.

My tip:Β try to stay out of the way and lett them get on with whatever they have to do. I read comments of people being bitten simply because they were there at the time. Although I didn’t see this happen when I visited, I can believe this having happened …!


I really like animals, especially monkeys. My father was a vet and often told me about all types of animals. When visiting these parks, I try to respect them as much as possible. I did not feed them, touch them, or encourage them to react in any sort of way to get a good photo. I merely watched them and took a couple of pictures trying not to be too intrusive.

Another tip: avoid looking at them in the eye. (Everything you will need to know will be posted on signs throughout the park)

Even if the main purpose of visit was to see monkeys, I thoroughly enjoyed admiring the impressive trees and jungle surroundings with its temples and statues. I felt although I was in the monkey temple from The Jungle Book!





And here it is on the map –Β Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 21.00.51


Don’t hesitate to ask any questions
or comment if you found this useful! πŸ™‚


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