Tegalagang Rice Terraces – Ubud, Bali.

These popular and amazing rice terraces are just a 20 to 30min scooter drive from Ubud center, depending on traffic. I definitely recommend adding them to your list if visiting!

All instagrammers know how popular visiting these rice terraces is as you can get some amazing shots! Even if you’re not an instagrammer, they are great pics for the holiday album. But beside all the social media and vanity and pictures, they also offer an interesting insight on Indonesian culture.

We visited Ubud during the month of August, apparently this is peak time for tourism. Our scooter ride took about 30mins from Ubud center due to traffic, and we managed to park for free in the little town just above the rice terraces upon arrival.

Watch out when parking, lots of locals will say that parking here or there is not possible, or you must pay etc etc, it’s not always true.. We were able to park our scooter ride opposite the steps down, in the main street.

View upon arrival, from the town side
View of the town from the opposite side
Fantastic memories

No entrance fee to pay; however, throughout your walk amongst the terraces you will occasionally be prompted for “donations”. You may feel obliged or inclined but they are not compulsory. Young children will try to sell you postcards saying it’s for them to go to school, they are clever. Of course, if you feel like handing over a couple of €, feel free to do so!


As for your shoes and clothing; trainers are a very good idea and clothing will depend on the weather. There was a little mud at times and tracks could get very narrow, very steep and sometimes with unstable tile steps. We never had any trouble or accidents but i’d say that a good pair of shoes could come in handy!

As you will see from my pics, i did not have trainers….and wish i did!



Depending on the season and like all popular destinations, it can get busy.

If possible, try to visit in the morning. I wouldn’t say you’d need too long to visit but each person is different. We spent a good hour walking around, taking photos, admiring the views and we also walked a little bit further on behind the rice terraces when you get to the top the opposite side.

Afar we saw more rice terraces being cultivated by locals, fascinating to watch. There were also more rice terraces to be seen close up and it was a whole lot calmer. No noise and no tourists. We were able to take in the views.

Do watch out where you walk, we had a brief encounter with a snake but nothing to worry about, it slithered off before we could even say anything. It was probably snoozing and soaking up the sun. This was the other side when we walked further on.




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