Work outfit #Sinequanone –

Absolutely love this brand for its different styles and outfit opportunities. This light and trendy outfit is great for city workers!


Only discovered this brand last year (how could i walk past it so many times and not actually walk in?) and i dare not add up all my receipts… πŸ™‚

Their clothes are trendy, fashionable, elegant, comfortable and affordable; offering a large choice of styles. However, no shoes.

I have often shopped this brand for its workwear outfits. In my job, I must look good, smart, elegant but not overdone or too serious and they had just the right items.

Sinequanone sort of reminds me of the brand Maje. The styles and colours are very similar. I’d say the only difference is the price, Sinequanone being much cheaper, and Maje’s clothes being of a bit better quality.

The folllowing outfit I wore in Spring as temperatures weren’t high enough yet to be wearing a dress or shorts.




The navy trousers have white stripes down the side, giving them a sporty look which I love! The shirt is very light, made of cotton, and both items are very comfortable to wear!

#Click here to buy trousers

Unfortunately the shirt is no longer available but you will be able to find similar shirts on their site such as this one.Β 





A little less formal but just as comfy and practial!

As for the shoes, I wore plain white trainers or on the odd occasion some plain, strap, open toe heels. It depends on how much walking you have also…

#Click here to buy tshirt

#Click here to buy trousers

Don’t forget, your thoughts are most welcome πŸ™‚



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