Healthy fruit bowl snack –

A popular snack full of goodness and flavour.

The fruit bowl is very popular and i can understand why. The ingredients are healthy, it’s easy to prepare and the end result is so satisfying.

Preparing it can actually be quite fun and a really creative activity.

Banana & blackberry fruit bowl.

You will need:

  • soja muesli yoghurt / low fat yoghurt of your choice
  • Banana, Black berries (or fruit of your choice)
  • Slices of lemon and lime or anything else for decoration


How to do it:

  1. Simply add the muesli yoghurt and arrange your fruits as you wish! Yes it really is that easy!
  2. You can also chop up different fruits and actually mix them with the yoghurt or just display them on top, the choice is yours!


The fruit bowl really is one of my favourite snacks.Β I just sometimes be careful as to how much fruit i put in because taking photos for social media is nice, but you’re actually supposed to eat it afterwards.. πŸ™‚




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