Where to eat in Munich –

During my 4-day visit I tried several different places to eat, including restaurants, burger bars, pubs, biergartens and markets. Here are those I recommend.

  • The Hofbrauhaus

People say a trip to Munich isn’t complete without a meal in this typical Bavarian restaurant, and i will not attempt to deny that the food is great and the atmosphere pretty fun!

If you’re looking for a typical Bavarian dish and authenticity, this is just the place. Staff serve food and drinks in typical Bavarian outfits, with some walking around waving a pretzel in the air. There is often a band playing inside every now and then which is really fun, but a little noisy at times especially if you’re eating right next to it.

I think your overall experience will depend on how busy it is when you go. We went at peak time with perfect weather and it was a long weekend off for everyone. To be honest, we did a lot of waiting to order, be served and pay…

All in all, try to avoid going at peak times and I’m sure the experience will be quite memorable! 

I enjoyed a Radler beer to start off with and then ordered a Wiener Schnitzel which i absolutely loved! They really live up to their expectations. It was served with a delicious cranberry sauce and potatoe salad. Just perfect! #Hofbrauhaus

Band playing music
Radler beer + their menu
Wiener Schnitzel



  • Kilians Irish Pub

So, ok.. this is an Irish pub, not German, but the food is great and you can get a nice fresh beer! It’s located in one of the backstreets behind a lovely church, next to other bars and restaurants turning it into a charming little square with a very relaxing atmostphere.

We enjoyed Radler beer and red berry Bulmer cider (delicious…) and shared a basic cheeseburger with chips. Quick service, reasonable prices and a large variety of food and drinks!

Even when it’s busy, it’s relaxing! #Killians Irish Pub

Radler Beer & Bulmer Cider

  • Hans Im Gluck

This place is a really fun and trendy burger bar! They have a large selection of burgers and even offer vegan options for those who wish.

I went for one of the vegan ones with avocado cream and sweet potatoe fries. I had always wanted to taste a vegan burger and this one was so good I went back twice!

The cocktails are fun (alchohol free available) offering different mixes of fresh fruits and herbs such as Basil or Mint. Salads are also on the menu; although we didn’t get the opportinity to taste one we could see from other customers seated nearby that they offered quite generous portions and looked rather tasty!

The interior of the restaurant is really worth seeing; the lighting is dimmed with a sort of jungle atmosphere with tall bamboo shoots dotted around everywhere. Just go and see it for yourself!

#Hans Im Gluck

Vegan burger with sweet potatoe fries
Fresh strawberry and basil cocktail

  • Viktualienmarkt 

This large outdoor market offers a fantastic and authentic experience. You can find hundreds of stalls and shops offering local products; flowers, fruit, vegetables, spices…

I would even say that a visit to Munich without stopping here, whether to eat or just visit, would not be complete!

I enjoyed a freshly made fruit juice and some spice and herbs tasting in one of the stalls. I ended up buying a pot of Pesto Rosso which is one of my favourites.


Spice and herb tasting
Spice and herb tasting
Locally produced honey and jam


Freshly made fruit juices




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