Munich’s Bavarian Beauty – things to do.

All the things to do during a short stay in the beautiful city of Munich, Germany. 

To be honest, Munich wasn’t really on my bucketlist but it turned out to be an amazing trip. I was very pleasantly surprised. With its 1,6M inhabitants, Munich is a young and buzzing city. Full of narrow streets and alleyways offering restaurants, bars, pubs, you name it! We didn’t visit any Museums but there are plenty if you wish to do so, and if not there is plenty to do anyway!

  • The English Garden

We were walking around town and sort of ended up in this garden. It is absolutely stunning and absolutely gigantic; a beautiful retreat offering the possibility to unwind and relax.

Vast stretches of greenery, benches, ponds, temples… such a beauty spot. We had perfect weather at the time which made it a very pleasurable walk for us. They even have sports grounds, food areas (and beer) and bike tours to enjoy a visit of the park.


The river crossing through offers a surfing area called the Eisbachwelle.

  • The Eisbachwelle

A nice spot to admire the surfers!

  • Marienplatz

Marienplatz is a large open plaza in the Old City centre. You will be able to enjoy the view of buildings, shops, restaurants, street performers and so on. Watch out for the bikes, you don’t hear them coming and there are loads of them!

This plaza is close to many other of Munich’s places of interest, like the Viktualienmarkt or the Residenz Palace.

New Town Hall.

  • St Peter’s Church

There are many churches in Munich but this one is quite unique; one of the oldest in the city and the interior is just stunning. Gothic paintings, altars.., it offers calm and beauty.




  • Viktualienmarkt 

This was my favourite spot. Lots of shops and stalls where you can buy local food, drinks or gifts. The atmosphere is fantastic, often crowded but authentic with a large variety of products. There is food sampling for food lovers; cheese, spice, wine, meat and anything else that is Bavarian!






  • The Hofbrauhaus 

I read that a trip to Munich wouldn’t be complete without eating here, and I must admit, the food is pretty good! The atmosphere makes it too; the restaurant is huge with a lot of space inside, on at least 2 floors with a terrace when the weather is permitting.

Staff run around serving all these typical German meals wearing the traditional Bavarian outfits. There is also a band inside that plays loud music every now and then.

The food and beer is great but if you’re looking for a peaceful moment to enjoy your lunch or dinner, this isn’t the place for you. At peak time, it’s overcrowded and actually a little unpleasant.

Wiener Schnitzel
Band playing music
Staff walk around carrying Pretzels

  • Olympiapark

An amazing place to walk or do any sport, read a book, get some sun, relax… Such a vast space of greenery to do whatever you like. The Olympiapark München was built in 1972 for the Summer Olympics. The Olympic tower is 291m tall. Although they no longer hold games there, the park continues to serve for cultural and social events. The BMW museum is located right next to it for those who wish to visit.

I recommend walking up the hilltop to get a good view of the surroundings!




Hilltop view.
  • Neuschwanstein Castle

Worth the visit if you’re in the area. It’s a good 1h30 drive from Munich centre without getting directions wrong which wasn’t our case (2h). I had always wanted to visit this castle since I was a child.

It’s about 13€/adult to visit the inside of the castle and they also offer the possibility to visit another castle just next to it. In that case they do a combined ticket.

40min walk to the top, they say 40min… we managed to do it in exactly 16min! (But it was a speed walk!). To be honest, if you walk at a fare pace, you could probably do it in about 25/30min.

Horse carts also go up and down taking people or bringing them back down. In the village when you arrive there are many restaurants and souvenir shops, and you will also find some on the walk up to the top.

Parking is 5€/car; we drove on just 5 min and parked on the side of the road which was perfectly fine and lots were doing it. It was a 3min walk to the village.





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