Best Boulangeries in Plainpalais – Geneva.

Plainpalais’ best boulangeries: variety and value for money. 

I have been living in Geneva for over 8 months now and have started to go out for tea and cake every now and then. When the sun is shining in Geneva, having a drink on a café’s terrace in the sun really is a great experience!

Here are the best boulangeries (bakeries) I can recommend in Plainpalais, in Geneva.

  • Christophe Berger
My Favourites –

They say they are the “Parisian” Swiss chocolatiers of Geneva. I have heard only good things about this little bakery and they really live up to their reputation. I had been walking past it for weeks until someone pointed it out to me and advised me to go there.

Desserts, patisseries, salads, snacks… it’s heaven there. I would literally go every day if I could.

#Christophe Berger

  • Aux Merveilleux de Fred
The Famous Merveilleux

This place is just great. 

Their uniqueness: working one product to perfection and declining it into infinite varieties!

It is known for their “merveilleux”, a delicious meringue dessert. They also do brioches and light bites such as sandwiches, but I went for the brioche.

The brioche I had been forever walking by on the way to work…

The delicious freshly baked chocolate brioche.

#Aux Merveilleux de Fred.

  • Le Saint Honoré

Just off the main street coming from Carouge, next to Plainpalais. I had also been driving past this hidden little spot so many times and my brother and I always said the same thing as we did: we have to try it out some time. #Le Saint Honoré


You go there once and you go back for more…


Let me know if you go 🙂


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