Hanging Out at Monkey Hill – Phuket.

A wild and interesting experience with monkeys roaming around freely!

Monkey Hill is very popular as it offers a fun and memorable experience with monkeys you can actually get close to.

There are two ways to get there:Β a rather long hike up the hill (a good 30/40min walk) or a taxi ride up. We had a scooter so drove straight up, but if you’re in the mood for a walk then that’s perfectly feasible.

At the top you will find yourselves surrounded by cute little monkeys running and swinging around, some with their babies. They can be very protective so my advice is to not get too close or friendly.

From what I saw these monkeys were completely free and there was no fee to pay to access this place.





Feeding them is ok (buy at bottom of hill beforehand) and with the number of people who visit they probably actually expect it. They can smell it if you have it on you anyway.

Do stay cautious as they are clever little things. If you have food, best give it to them or don’t bring any. They are not timid and have wandering hands; if they smell anything that tickles their tastebuds they will search for it even if it means searching you!



Keep an eye on them…

⌈ While we were happily feeding one of the monkeys, another had sneaked out of view and had started biting away at our scooter seat.

Luckily we saw it in time, but try to avoid anything likeΒ this just to avoid problems with scooter rentals when you take the scooters back…Β βŒ‹

IMG_2736 (1)

Monkey Hill



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