Things to do on Koh Samui Island.

No trip to Thailand would be fully complete without a trip to Koh Samui!

Looking for some fun and exotic views? Koh Samui is definitely the place.

White, sandy beaches, fruit and food galore and a bunch of fun activities; it is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand.

– Wat Plai Laem –










As you can see, this place is perfect for photo lovers. We visited Wat Plai Laem quite late one afternoon, after having walked about 3hrs to get there (not my idea but a good way to see things), and a storm was coming in. But funnily enough, this rendered for somewhat amazing photos with an unusual bluey grey sky.

It really is an interesting sacred site where you must take your time to absorb every little detail, the shiny mosaics on most of the monuments are very eye-catching. If you are lucky, you might just visit during a religious ceremony.

#Wat Plai Laem

As in any sacred temple, do not forget to cover up (chest, shoulders, legs; they usually provide shawls for this).

 – Wat Phra Yai –

Big Buddha Temple

Here, not only is the buddha itself impressive, but the detail surrounding the whole place once you get to the top is also.






When not too overcrowded, it really is a peaceful place to be. The bells at the top are said to bring you good luck if you ring every one of them. #Wat Phra Yai

IMG_1366 (2)

–  Lamai Beach –

So what’s an island without a beach? It isn’t one. We were staying in Lamai at the time so we went to Lamai Beach to chill off. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island.


Often busy and crowded, but this white sandy beach is nevertheless very attractive.

Countless bars and restaurants long the beachside offering the possibility to get a drink, rent a chair or even order food.

In the evening and for the more loved-up ones, some of the restaurants install individual white tents with candles and a perfectly set table for the most romantic dinner ever.


#Lamai Beach

– Laem Din Market –

This food court is fantastic for its street food. Very popular, often busy but quick service! #Laem Din Market



Not far from the beach, and just off the main street.

The different stands offer a variety of food; from italian pizzas to French crepes and Thai recipes with fresh seafood. It’s not very big but there is a great atmosphere.

The stand i loved most was that of the rolled icecream!

Also recommended are Fisherman’s Village and snorkelling on the reefs of Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan !


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