3 days in Singapore on a tight budget-

Singapore – the buzzing global commerce, finance and transport hub in Southeast Asia.

With only 719km², the main activities and tourism are concentrated by the bay.

A 3 day trip in the country was, in my opinion, not too bad for this destination.

And we were on a tight budget…

– Stunning city views –

Get ready for the amazing skyscrapers and tall buildings of every kind.

At night, you’re in for quite a view!


– Gardens by the Bay –

This is an absolute must. Despite the hot and heavy weather at the time (May), a walk around these gardens was pure pleasure. We did not pay for the tour up in the trees as we were on a budget, but I’m sure the view would have been even more spectacular from above!

Just over an hour’s walk was enough for us to see everything. Not too busy, and you sometimes come across some discreet and quiet areas where you can just sit down and take it all in.

Souvenir shops and other activities can be found at the entrance of the park for those who have the money to spend!

This place also offers great opportunities for exotic photos!

Gardens by the Bay.


Inside was a water park for the children – or adults.. Fantastic idea to let them cool off!


– The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands –

Shopping… a well enjoyed hobby for my part! ♥

I loved walking through this huge shopping mall. With several floors, it even has a little canal running through for those who wish to have a little ride down to their favourite shops. Classy and luxurious, it offers a wide variety of shops for men and women.

It can also be nice just to cool down and have a break from the outside heat and humidity… The Shoppes.


– Marina Bay by Night –

Another must do! It was dark by the time we had walked around the Gardens and through The Shoppes. On our way out of the shopping centre, the view was spectacular.



– The Helix Bridge –

Continuing our promenade together, we ended up walking across this lovely bridge. Can’t say it’s a must but it’s definitely a nice way to finish off the day.

Helix Bridge.


– Lau Pa Sat Food Court –

For architecture lovers, this place is a real gem. Built in the 19th century, this Victorian style architecture features harmonious arches and tall slender columns.

Inside, lots of food stalls are scattered around offering a large choice of international cuisine. Locals also eat in this area and eating amongst them is often a much appreciated experience.

Filling meals which can easily suit tight budgets. Lau Pa Sat

Personally, the Indian food was my favourite. Couldn’t get enough of it… ♥


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